shadowspin (shadowspin) wrote in tolkien_weekly,


*peeks in*

Kinda appropriate subject for a first-timer! Boromir wanted me to post this.

Title: Reflections
Author: shadowspin
Characters/Pairing: Boromir
Rating: G
Warnings: Uh, sorry, none?
Book/Source: LotR.
Disclaimer: (Doesn't want to get chopped into any sized pieces by any dwarves or anyone.) Um, I borrowed him from JRRT, and didn't soil him or anything and put him back straight away?

The waters of Anduin flow steadily and ceaselessly, moving relentlessly toward their meeting with the sea past my home. It's impossible to tell one day from the next from their depths as only their surface giving any clue. And that only of the day itself. It does reflect the sky above, or shores either side. I stare into them, wondering what destiny they take me toward, take us toward, and whether it is the one my brother dreamed in the beginning. His dreams, and my one, which were the beginning of this quest for the answer to Gondor’s safe future.
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