RennWench (rennwench) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

"One Last Thing" - for the Endings challenge

Title: One Last Thing
Author: RennWench
Characters/Pairing: Pick two – whomever you wish.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Sappy. Might want to put your drink down.
Book/Source: Could be from any source, but the muse is insisting its LotR.
Disclaimer: For the “Endings” challenge. Since no characters are named specifically, I can’t claim not owning them, though they do all come from Tolkien’s words.

Sun's bittersweet rising signaled both a new day and the end to our stolen time. For now, we must part. Duty and obligation above all others. Such are our lives.

I hold my lover close. Tightly. Taking one more inhale of their scent. Savoring each move of their body against mine. So much warmth.

We hear the horn in the distance, summoning all.

“One last thing?”

“What is it?” I ask my voice just above a whisper.

Eyes I adore gaze into mine with their enchanting swirls of colors no artist could create upon their pallet.

“Your fly is open”
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