Edoraslass (edoraslass) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Endings Challenge

This has been just lazing about on my harddrive, although I posted it in my LJ quite a long time ago, in slightly longer form.

Title: End of the Second Line
Characters: Theoden
Disclaimer: Nope, not mine
Warning: Character death = angst-ish.

End of the Second Line

Death looms large
There is no fear
No pain

There is only
My sword
Which has faced more foes
Than I will ever see
This ancient blade
Which has served me with such honour

I hope that my fathers
Who have gone before me
Greet me with pride
I hope my son
Awaits me
His mother at his side
I hope my sister
And her valiant husband
Are pleased
With how I have raised their children

I hope those children
Do not fall
Under the Shadow
I hope the King
Will crush our foes
That Rohan
Will flourish and be
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