April 1st, 2020

Aragorn -plot's crashing

new prompt

This is the final item not mentioned in canon, but surely they must have known... used...?
And in such serious times as these it is beholden on the frivolous to be just that!

This last unmentionable was always a great, great temptation... so I'm going for it - the things your Great-aunt termed 'unmentionables' the prompt word is... (politely)


Kecks, breecks, small clothes, drawers or petticoats...Twist them how you will - be dainty, or bawdy, or side-step into gambesons and quilted coifs, it only has to be clothing worn under other clothing... how far under is up to you ;-)
Faramir - Ithillien

Clock challenge - all prompts, a set of six drabbles (catching up, sorry 'bout this)

Title: Decisions
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Faramir, Frodo and Sam
Rating: G
Source: LotR
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s world, Tolkien’s plot… just a tiny internal monologue from Kortirion

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