SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

New Challenge

Right my lovelies, it's that time of week again - well, ok, it's a day later than that time of week, but I was... delayed.

Your challenge for this week will require you to think about your past writings, and even look over your back catalogues if you've written so much that you can't remember exactly what you've done. We're all guilty to some extent of focusing on one or a few favoured characters, so it's time to try something new for the new year:

Write a character you've never written before

For some of you that might be easy - if you've always written about men, how about trying Elrond, or if you tend to specialise in Hobbits then how about trying the big folk for a change? If you really can't find someone inspiring that you've never mentioned at all, then a character who you've mentioned in one drabble is acceptable. And let's have canon characters, please - writing an original character doesn't count as 'someone you haven't written before'.

Right, I'm off to see who I've never drabbled - which I think consists of Merry and possibly Eomer. Enjoy.
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