Ann (just_ann_now) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

"Lobelia's List"

Title: Lobelia’s list
Author: Annmarwalk
Character: Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
Rating/Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowed.
For the “Some Other Character” (or whatever-it-will-be-called) Challenge.

Lobelia’s List

To-Do BEFORE Auction:

1. Count books – make sure gardener’s boy hasn’t walked off with any. Though why he would, I can’t guess. Still, he has a shifty look.

2. Ditto for garden tools – Bilbo invested a tidy bit in those tools; they are MINE his!! and worth a pretty penny too!!

3. Clothes – certainly all too nice to be given to Gamgees. Sell!
(Except for tatty old boots, good enough for Gamgee Senior)

4. How to keep lollygaggers away from beer barrel? Station Otho at cellar door? Who to watch Otho?

5. Surely a few spoons wouldn’t be missed???

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