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Characters You Never Write Challenge

Title: Peas in a Pod
Author: Branwyn
Character: Elladan and Elrohir
Rating/Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Just a tourist wearing a tacky hat in MiddleEarth.
For the “Characters You Never Write” Challenge. Blame just_ann_now for sending the twins my way. :-)

Peas in a Pod

The servant bowed as he held out the scroll. “This arrived for you, my lord.”

“My thanks.” The young elf unrolled the parchment then started to read. Glancing at his brother, he drew a hand across his mouth. “‘Melethron nin, it is too long since I have felt your touch on my—’”

“Give me that, you troll! We are two hundred years old; when will they learn to tell us apart? We are no more alike--”

“Than two peas in a pod, brother.” The elf suddenly frowned, biting his lower lip. “Wait, let me see that letter again.”
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