Edoraslass (edoraslass) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Unused Characters

Title: Provisions
Author: edoraslass
Characters: Spiders of Mirkwood. Lots of them.
Source: The Hobbit
Warning: Eh, not really. Except that they’re carnivorous spiders. A little odd as well.
Disclaimer: Nope, not mine


look, dwarves, dwarves

i remember dwarves

you don’t

you don’t remember anything

ssssshhh sssssshhhh

they’ll hear

they won’t hear

don’t even know we’re here

lost lost dwarves

follow them

will taste better than elves

better than black squirrels

ssssshhh ssssshhh

oh look look at that one

look how fat look how juicy

oh i want that one

no no i saw him first

no there’s enough of him for all

ssssshhh ssssshhh

i saw him first

hide hide they’re coming this way

shouldn’t have left the path

oh lost scared dwarves

they’ll be good eating

when they’ve hung a bit
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