rubynye (rubynye) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Doing Accounts

For the Greed challenge, of course.

Title: Doing Accounts
Author: rubynye
Character: Lotho Sackville-Baggins
Source: LOTR trilogy
Rating: G
Adult content: Just money being moved.
Disclaimer: A brief benign avocational fiction.

"There!" Lotho grunted triumphantly, to no one but himself, his mother being long gone to her bed. The sound echoed off the ceiling, off the shuttered window, seemingly off the ledger as it told back the tale of his wealth. Lotho's wise investment of the wizard's largesse was now bearing fruit; at this pace he'd soon own the whole Shire, or at least all of it worth having.

Grinning at his ledger, Lotho sat back in his chair, stretching cramped shoulders and ignoring the small voice that whispered, "when you've bought all the Shire, what shall you have then?"
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