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Servant of the Tower

Title: Servant of the Tower
Author: Branwyn
Characters: unnamed servant in Minas Tirith
Source: Return of the King
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Just a tourist in a tacky hat in MiddleEarth
For the "Obscure Other Characters" challenge

Yes, I helped them bear the litter. Why do you stare? I swore to serve our lord in all things.

Would I stand aside and watch him burn? Not gladly. From the time he could reach their flanks with a brush, he helped me groom the horses. And I held the line as he first rode his pony. I loved him like a son. Yet I am merely a servant. When the steward called for oil, I dared not disobey. Do not fool yourselves--you would have done the same.

Boy! Fetch me more wine. I weary of this talk.
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