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tolkien_weekly. texture - challenge: 'Smooth'

Title: Dulce et decorum...
Author: Kortirion
Character: King Elessar, as spoke of by his body-servant
Source: LotR!AU
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s
Notes: I've just seen Brokeback Mountain... what do you expect?

I’m to prepare the King; he wrote instructions for everything... his great cloak... and the vambraces’ of the Steward’s late uncle are to be buckled in place. The King wears... wore them often, a favoured reminder of times past. They say before he came to the throne his lot was a more carefree one. I’ve often watched him stroke the smooth leather – they must evoke strong memories for him, though I’ve not heard him tell soldier’s tales, maybe to old Lord Faramir... or maybe the Queen. No, perhaps not her... he’d slip them out of sight when she visited his rooms.
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