Mrs Tufty (fawsley) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Mrs Tufty

First blood

Title: First blood
Author: Fawsley
Source: LoTR AU
Character: Young Boromir
Rating: PG-13

For the tolkien_weekly 'Smooth' challenge

He never expected the moment to be quite so horrific.

For years he had yearned for this ultimate completion of all his training.
The end result of aching muscles, cuts and bruises, strains, sprains and the occasional break.
It was, after all, everything he had worked towards.

His physical abilities would surely be more than a match for any enemy.

What he had not considered was the need for emotional strength also.

His sword entered and exited his victim’s body so easily, so smoothly.
And in an instant the man lay dead at his feet.

Boromir turned aside and retched.
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