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Texture challenge: 'Smooth'

Title: Writing History
Author: Kortirion
Character: Isildur
Source: LotR
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s – not Kortirion’s.
Notes: I’ve just realised I haven’t written him before – so there you go – one drabble for two challenges! ;p

His instructions were obeyed; the pigment ground to the finest powder, mixed and strained; a new scroll of vellum, scrapped, polished with white sand until it was completely smooth, no imperfections must make the writing become illegible over time.

Isildur was unnaturally aware that he should note what might yet have great importance to his descendents. He had bought this thing with great pain, defied the Elven lords to keep it – but this was no trinket. Two years on... he must set everything down. He couldn’t define the urgency, but his heart bade him be quick, ‘write it all...’

He began...
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