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Texture challenge: Smooth

Title: Dreams That Come
Author: Kortirion
Character: Frodo
Source: LotR
Rating: Er... maybe implied PG-13
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s – not Kortirion’s
Notes: Two at once? You can tell I’m bored!

Shivering, he turned restlessly under the meagre blanket. He reached for his companion, finding smoothness under his fingers, skin-warm, he curled his palm to cup with tenderness. Drowsily whispered words of love found his ears; he smiled in his dreams, caressing the firm roundness, running fingertips delicately over golden skin, causing a sweet shivering that hummed through his whole body.

He sighed, ‘Oh just to place a fingertip… to give pleasure and bring such pleasure... He could near taste the ecstasy, feel the silken warmth curl around his...

Rough hands shook him awake “No! Mr Frodo! - Don’t put it on!”
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