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Properly Groomed

Title: Properly Groomed
Author: Kris
Word count: 100
Characters/Pairing: Aragorn, Faramir
Rating: G
Disclaimer: don't own 'em, not for profit
Work: LOTR
Notes: Another for the "Coarse" challenge. And yet again, no angst. You do realize I'll have to write something completely awful just to make up for all this happiness, right? *grin* This is entirely edoraslass's fault...I was minding my business, and she drops a bunny at my feet who then proceeds to gnaw at my ankle. *grin* The paragraph about growing a proper beard is hers, many thanks for letting me use it in this little bit of silliness. Warning for slightly OOC Faramir, I suppose. Or not. *grin*

Properly Groomed
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