Ann (just_ann_now) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Morning Prayer

Title: Morning Prayer
Author: Annmarwalk
Characters: Boromir, Theodred
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowed for 100 words.
For the “Dry” challenge.

Every morning upon arising, Théodred breathes slowly, deeply, reaching his arms to heaven, sending greetings to the sun. He stretches his torso, muscle and sinew, curving to arch his back, then bends long legs, shoulders, and golden head to kiss the earth.

Every morning they have ever woken together Boromir has shared this ritual. His mouth is dry as he watches from the corner of his eye; not with desire but awe, and gratefulness, that he has been blessed with this vision of power and grace: the Son of Rohan as he thanks Béma for the gift of another day.
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