Wild Iris (the_wild_iris) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Wild Iris

Title: Balance
Author: Wild Iris
Characters/Pairing: Elrond
Rating: General
Warnings: Not entirely sure it fits the challenge?
Book/Source: LotR, sort of movieverse.
Disclaimer: Tolkien Estate/New Line own all the world.


We stood above the lake of fire, and I saw the reason that had brought us there blown out.

Was it desire or vengeance most that masked your eyes? I think they had become as one to you. Too late I understood that ring and sword had moulded to your familiar hand.

You would take what you wanted, for you deemed your loss and your necessity greater than ours. And I could not prevent you, for the power of action was already yours. And I scarce had strength to draw more words and see them break against your heart.

– "Isildur!"
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