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A restless night

Author: fawsley
Title: A restless night
Pairing: Aragorn/Boromir
Source: LoTR FoTR
Warnings: none
Disclaimer : not my characters but I love them just the same
word count: 100 spot on
notes: for the 'Lumpy' challenge

A restless night

'Can’t you lie still for five minutes? All this tossing and turning - you’ll wake everyone else up with your grumbling.'

'Not my fault. This patch of ground looked flat enough but its nothing but lumps and bumps. Just can’t get comfortable.'

'I’m surprised you’re not more used to sleeping rough. Oh well, it’s not too bad over here. Bring your blanket and you can share my bedroll.'

'You sure?'

'Anything for some peace and quiet.'

As long as Aragorn remembered to remove all those sharp stones from under Boromir’s bedroll before they broke camp, the steward’s son need never know…
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