Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Tolkien_weekly Texture challenge -'Shiny'

Title: Water for the Dead
Author: Kortirion
Character: Theodred, Boromir
Rating: G, and angst
Discalimer: All Tolkien's - Kortirion's just marking the days
Notes: I posted this in memoriam in my lj last year - with a couple of words tweaked it fitted the challenge, so...

{SSP: But there is a happier, AU version on my journal at the moment!]

Glistening Isen water washes hot blood from once warm flesh. Silent, still, no life-breath here. Black iron was hilted in leather and muscle, opening tears that wept a life away. Icy water flows blood-reddened, iron-scented southwards.

Great River, swift-flowing, deep, cradles the cherished offering; given to water when earth cannot be trusted to hold him tracelessly silent; cradled in shining water, safe in Anduin’s arms. Salt-water sings a benediction, calls the Faithful home, and carries, carries the beloved where the white gulls fly.

Salt-water, water for the dead, warm on faces in quiet moments; diamond-bright tears that crown your passing.
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