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For the "Wrinkled" Challenge

I think I haven't posted to this community for ages, and my drabbling skills feel rather rusty. Anyway, here's my contribution to the latest challenge.

Author: Aervir

Title: Matriarch

Characters: Éowyn, Morwen of Lossarnach

Source: LOTR Appendices (sort of)

Warnings: none

Rating: G

Disclaimer: Tolkien created them, and I've borrowed them for a little while.

The girl loved sitting in Grandmother’s lap, minding neither her stale smell – the smell of being ancient, as Grandmother herself called it with a rough laugh – nor the people who were afraid of her.

Of course, Grandmother wasn’t like any grandmother. Not soft-spoken or tender. But sitting in her lap made you feel safe. You could look down on the world, as if looking from a hill over the green fields, her voice being the sound of horns on the wind. And when you stroked her hands – wrinkled, spotted, thick-veined – she’d tell you how it felt to hold a sword.
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