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What a girl needs

Author: Fawsley
Title: What a girl needs
Pairing: Rosy/Sam
Rating: PG
Word count: erm, 100
Source: LoTR/RoTK
Warnings: fuzziness!
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my idea of what to do with them
Note: Written in my head in the shower just now, for the tolkien_weekly 'Furry' drabble challenge

What a girl needs

She’d always known what she wanted in a prospective husband.

A kind laugh, twinkling eyes, good at his trade, solid, dependable… All the things the other girls wanted.

But there was something else that she needed. Her friends just laughed at her, but she knew her own mind.

Before he went away she’d had her eye on him, but he’d always lacked that one thing, the thing she really needed. Now he was back, changed, something to do with the unimaginably long journey, she supposed.

Rosie looked him up and down and sighed contentedly.

Sam now had really furry feet!
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