Aervir (aervir) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

For the "Furry" Challenge

Author: Aervir

Title: Faithful

Characters: Berúthiel

Source: LOTR Appendices, UT

Rating: PG (no warnings)

Disclaimer: The Professor created her, but I like her better. :)

The sea air chills the woman in the boat, and the waves are rocking the small vessel too hard. Yet she feels neither uncomfortable nor afraid. Her husband’s embrace was far colder than the wet fingers grasping through the chinks between the planks, and life at court much more dangerous, much lonelier, than the solitude of a marooned convict.

But her true friends have never left her. With the strength and selfishness of a doomed woman, she digs her fingers into the fur of the nearest cat. Soon, the wailing of the animal turns into a soft purr. Berúthiel smiles.

X-posted to my LJ.
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