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Furry : Sneaking

Title: Sneaking
Author: nefermaat
Word Count: 100
Characters: an elf maiden and some hobbits
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: People belong to Tolkien. Events belong to me.
Author Notes: “Furry” challenge for tolkien_weekly

A pool of elven linen gathered around her ankles. Delicate fingers pulled the lacing of her undergarments, then stopped. Wind rustled the curtains, but windless was the day. A frown…and silence.

Thin fingers pulled the strings again, but the wind made a noise. Another frown. Wind did not giggle like that. The curtain rustled again and suddenly sprouted four furry feet.

“What happened to you two?” Frodo asked bemusedly as his two kin appeared, frowns on their usual jovial faces.

“Nothing.” A dangerous look from Merry, and Pippin fell silent as well, rubbing his bruised bottom and flinching. Bloody elves…
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