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Surrender (Raggy/Brom R)

Author: Fawsley
Title: Surrender
Pairing: Aragorn/Boromir
Rating: R
Warnings: Hot sweaty man stuff.
Word count: 100
Source: LoTR FoTR AU
Disclaimer: Not my characters just my pervy brain
Notes: Written for the tolkien_weekly "Velvet" drabble challenge


Boromir’s anger burns hotter each day.

Aragorn knows they must fight - and that he must lose - to dissipate the wrath before it boils over and injures one who does not deserve its venom.

They find each other away from the camp and Aragorn approaches unarmed, defenceless.

'I know what you need from me' he murmurs. 'Take it.'

Boromir’s eyes flash fire as he moves in, and Aragorn closes his own against the first blow.

His gasp of surprise morphs into a moan of pleasure as Boromir’s velvet tongue invades his mouth.

They break apart, shaking.

Aragorn whispers again

'Take me!'
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