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Weakness - challenge: 'Music'

Title: Music
Author: Kortirion
Character[s]: *guess*
Rating: NC-17 - not for the same reason!
Disclaimer: Nope - Tolkien wouldn’t want this one either… but I’d be quite partial…

He discovered he had a weakness for smooth, pale skin; loved to run his tongue over it, testing compliancy with the edge of his teeth; feeling his victim acquiesce to his probing.
There was the inside of the wrist, concealed under thick, leather vambraces, inside the elbows; under the chin where coarse hair sprouted that rasped against his lips.
To lave with very careful attention skin stretched taut over the hip-bone, and feel the delicate shiver it caused thrum within his own groin; then, to explore southwards to coarser, darker curled hair.
The gasps were beautiful music to his ears.
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