Grimnir (grimnir1) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Title: Great deeds
Author: Grimnir
Characters: Merry, Frodo
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book: LotR
Disclaimer: All Tolkien's.
Note: For the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge: Pride
Hello all! This is my first post here at tolkien_weekly. Hope you enjoy!
Corrections are very much welcome, English is not my first language.

Great deeds

We have done great deeds in the war. Our fellow hobbits might just recognize those of the small battle in the Shire, but even that makes us heroes in their eyes. We wear our armor and finery with pride. The eyes of the lasses beam when we pass them and I can't decide yet which flower to pick.

Cousin Frodo, why do you hide in your smial? We all would be Sauron's slaves, if it hadn't been for you. Alas, you seem to be lost in dark memories and grief.

Come, take my hand. My pride is out of place.
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