shadowspin (shadowspin) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Travelling companions *cough*

Title: Travelling Companions
Author: shadowspin
Characters/pairing: Eomer, Faramir
Rating: Uh, kinda PG
Warning: Bathtime!
Book/Source: Post-LotR
Disclaimer: Mr Tolkien gave birth to them, I just babysit and play with them from time to time.
Author Notes: This is all faramir_boromir's fault.

Eomer stepped from the tub, water streaming down his body, long hair tangled and sticking wetly to his skin. He tried to flick it back, only ending up with damp tendrils around his forearm.

“Oh, by the valar!” he muttered, using his free hand to untangle the length. Distracted, he forgot where he was, a bathhouse that his traveling companion, Faramir, was also using. The horselord pulled at the strands. He heard a soft cough, and spun to see the shy smile of his brother-in-law.

“Can I be of assistance, my lord?” Pale eyes lowered from the sight before him.
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