the halfelven hobbit princess (lanthirel) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
the halfelven hobbit princess

Like a Phoenix (RotK, Frodo and Sam)

Title: Like a Phoenix
Author: Lanthirel, aka Deidre
Characters: Frodo and Sam
Rating: G
Book/Source: it's deliberately vague enough so that it could be either book or movie 'verse
Disclaimer: Tolkien implied in a letter that we could play in his sandbox.
For the tolkien_weekly challenge, rebirth, for April 11, 2006.

The Ring was destroyed; Frodo knew that surety in his very soul. He felt refreshed, no, more than that, renewed; perhaps even reborn. Everything seemed new again and dear to him: Sam, Frodo's own body, even the rock on which he lay. He could sense all things around him clearly again, now that the hated object of desire was lost. Even though what life remained was short, Frodo could meet it with an undarkened mind. Sam, as he urged Frodo to leave, could see the longed-for change. Free in their hearts and minds, the hobbits left the Crack of Doom.

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