rubynye (rubynye) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Not Just an Orc

Title: Not Just an Orc
Author: rubynye
Characters/Pairing: Grishnakt [Merry and Pippin]
Rating: G/PG for implied violence
Warnings: orcs
Book/Source: Two Towers
Disclaimer: This is a brief benign avocational fiction.

How's Grishnakt know so much, the White Hand's fools ask? They should wonder how they know so little! I use my ears and my wits and my chance; I'll sieze it now, when Ugluk's left the prisoners unguarded. One of them bears Lugburz' lost treasure, and I've a thought or two for what I might do with it myself. I was spawned an orc, but I can do better than slave; even the Great Eye and his Nazgul shall have to reckon with me, when I get that bauble off these little rats and into my hand.
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