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Who did that Paranoia song? Wasn't it the same band that did the remake of the Peter Gunn song? /80s attack

Title: Fiercely Kept Secrets
Author: edoraslass
Character: Boromir
Warning: Very, very mildly implied slash.
Disclaimer: Nope, not mine.
A/N: Takes place after this, when Boromir returns home.

Fiercely Kept Secrets

He does not know; he cannot know. If he did, he certainly would not have sent me on my own to Rohan.
But why does he look at me so strangely? Have I said something that would raise his suspicions? No, I have been absolutely proper in my report. I have said nothing unseemly.
I never believed any of the wild stories of his ability to read men’s minds– but the intensity of his gaze…no, it is utterly ridiculous.
Think of something else. Orcs, Osgiliath, tavern wenches, cool ale, a hot bath, my waiting dinner.
Think of anything but Théodred.
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