Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

The First Time challenge - The Virgin Seduced

Title: The Virgin Seduced
Author: Kortirion
Character: ?guess?
Rating: Mmmm... maybe PG
Source: Lots of first times in Middle-earth!
Disclaimer: I can hear the ‘harrumph’ of disapproval from here! So... inspiration > Tokien - execution > Kortirion. No, nothing else to do with the Professor what-so-ever!

Golden... silky... sliding warmly under his fingers; his nails bitten to the quick were beyond the notice of the smoothness shivering under his nervous caress. His mouth dried at the thought of how exquisite it would feel to just... push in. The tinkling voice mocked his reticence; he flushed, cursing his inexperience.

‘Would he be rejected as clumsy? Not good enough?

He bit his lip and bent his head... perhaps, his lips? His flesh thrummed with longing.

‘No! I want you - now! ‘

Roughly, clumsily, he pushed hard, heard a gasp, his lingering sigh... as the Ring sucked eagerly onto his finger.
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