Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

First Time challenge - 'Fruits de Mer'

Title: Fruits de Mer
Author: Kortirion
Character: Gandalf and Estel [The Teacher and The Willing Pupil]
Rating: G
Source: AU Middle-earth
Disclaimer: The landscape is all Tolkien’s, but since he didn’t mention it... someone had to tell him!

Gandalf insisted Estel experience the unfamiliar. Slimy, thin-shelled creatures that crawled the woods above Lake Nenuil stewed with garlic were a revelation, but this...

Visiting Belfalas the first time, Gandalf ordered sea-fruits. The be-whiskered many-legged rock-crawlers proved delicious when peeled of their ‘armour’, but...

Gandalf proffered a half-shell; the grey-beige, knobbly flesh looked disgusting.

"Tip it into your mouth, but don’t chew!"

Taking a deep breath, Estel hesitated before... He badly wanted to spit, but the amused faces watching stopped him. Ocean salt-tang enveloped his senses as he swallowed. It was... indescribable.

Gandalf laughed.

"See? You can like snails and oysters!"
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