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The morning after

Title: The morning after
Author: Fawsley
Characters/Pairing: Bilbo
Rating: G
Warnings: mess
Book/Source: The Hobbit
Disclaimer: Very much the property of Prof. Tolkien, I just snip around the edges to make a pretty pattern.

The morning after

It was long after the break of day when he woke up.

The mess in the dining-room was truly appalling. Surely they had washed up last night? There had been all that singing and fearful carrying of tottering piles of crockery into the kitchen, and…

Yes, washing up had certainly happened!
But since then, breakfast had also happened.

Oh well, never mind.
He pulled himself together, tied his apron strings and set about clearing away the chaos.
That would be the last time he’d ever let himself get involved with a strange party of dwarves!

But then in walked Gandalf….
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