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Title: Misunderstanding
Author: fawsley
Character: Bill
Rating : G
Warnings: Very Sad Pony
Source: LotR RoTK
Disclaimer: Not my pony, Tolkien's pony, I just make him jump the cavaletti
Author's note: Written for the tolkien_weekly 'the only time' drabble challenge

Somewhere in a stable in Bree, a sad pony carries an unwarrented burden...

I felt that I should make up for what I did to poor Bill in Conversations at the blacksmith's!

If this one makes you a bit sad, there's a jollier follow-up! Understanding


It was the only time I ever failed him, but I just couldn’t go into that dark place.
I should have followed him, my leader and my friend.
Broke my heart to refuse, it did.

So I came back to the only place I’d ever known as home.
And here I stay. It’s not a bad life. Nob cares for me well enough, but it’s not the same.

If only I could see him once more to say I was sorry, I’d be at peace.

Awful commotion going on outside...
What…? Who…? Can’t be…!
Blessed fetlocks and forelocks!
Master Sam!

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