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Title: Understanding
Author: fawsley
Characters/Pairing: Sam
Rating: G - or should that be gee-up?
Warnings: zilch
Book/Source: LoTR RoTK
Disclaimer: Sam belongs to himself and Professor Tolkien and Rosie. Not me.
Author's note: written for the tolkien_weekly 'only time' challenge.

Follows Misunderstanding which was a bit sad. Don't like sad ponies and nor does edoraslass so this is for her.


What can I say, Mister Frodo? It’s Bill all right. My Bill after all this time!

He did look a bit sorry for himself at first, but I gives him a big hug, found a brush an’ gives him a good groomin', an’ told him all that had ‘appened since we had to leave him behind. Told him how sorry we was to have to do that, how we would have taken him if we could.

Right cheered him up, that did. Started noddin’ his head an’ pawin’ the ground.

Only time I thinks I’ve ever seen a pony smile!
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