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The Best Time - Family Vacation

Title: Family Vacation
Author: gabrielladusult
Characters/Pairing: Denethor, Finduilas, Faramir, Boromir (implied)
Rating: G
Warnings: I don't know -- pretty sweet, plus, precocious four year old alert.
Book/Source: LotR
Disclaimer: Tolkien's characters, his genius. I own the computer.
Author's Note: Well, I guess the surest way to get me hooked on a com is to get multiple comments on my first post. If I had imagined this scene at the right time, it would have made a good "Last Time" post too (written just a tad differently). I think I was partly trying to make up for implying that Gandalf was Faramir's father in the last drabble (though I still think that would make an interesting A/U full up story).

“Not so far, Faramir!” Mother called.

“You worry too much, Finduilas. He's a born swimmer – soon he will out pace Boromir.”

He loved when Father said things like that. But Mother was tired and worried, which made Father worried, so Farmir came in from the crashing surf to sit at his parents' feet. Mother was wrapped in a blanket.

“Can we build our sand castle now, Father?”

Father looked at Mother who smiled weakly. “I am fine, you boys go play.”

“What castle shall we build?”

“Minas Tirith!”

His father's proud smile was the best one Faramir would ever see.
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