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Title: Speak Plainer
Author: gabrielladusult
Characters/Pairing: Faramir/Eowyn
Rating: G (PG if reference to kissing bothers you)
Warnings: I'm a rabid F/E shipper -- stand back.
Book/Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: Tolkien created it -- I'm just a drabbler.
Author's Note: Well, I'm comitted now -- my third week in a row. I even had my friend ashavah make me a F/E icon (screen capture by I don't know if this is technically an oath -- but it's where my imagination took me from the prompt.


It was probably unfair after admonishing him to speak plainer that Eowyn responded to Faramir's moving declaration of love with a coy statement about no longer wanting to be queen. He didn't seem to mind, and remorse was not among the many emotions his fervent kiss inspired in her.

But when his Gondorian propriety reasserted itself and he tried to resume what he likely deemed a more respectable manner, she knew there was one thing she could say to return him to her embrace indefinitely. She reached up and grazed his cheek with her finger tips.

"I love you, Faramir."
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