Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

What Might Have Been - challenge 'Oh... and I thought you were sooo rugged!'

Title: "Oh... and I thought you were sooo rugged!"
Author: Kortirion
Character: Elf-boy
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Kortirion hopes The Professor has a sense of humour… and acknowledges that certain fanfic confections are one stop south of Mordor!
Note: For shebit. The drabble’s title is taken from ‘The Lumberjack Song’, courtesy of Messrs Python... need I say more?

He snatched aside branches unmercifully in passing, unmindful in his anger. The near-hysterical laughter of the hobbits followed; ringing in his blush reddened ears.

‘Stupid game! Why had he agreed to spin the flask for forfeits? And how could he have done that!’

Legolas shuddered. He could still feel the coarse hair press against his lips... and then... and then... the... invasion!

‘Why had that little mischief-maker Pippin dared Gimli to kiss him?’

It was unseemly. It was inappropriate. It was unforgivable!

And the worst... the very worst thing... to his shame, he had to admit ...he quite enjoyed it!
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