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Failed Scolding (Bilbo, Frodo; G)

Title: Failed Scolding
Author: rubynye
Characters: Bilbo, Frodo
Rating: G
Warnings: implied violence, I suppose.
Book/Source: FotR, backstory
Disclaimer: This is a brief benign avocational fiction.

Bilbo knew he should scold the lad; it wouldn't do to bring him to Hobbiton for a fresh start only to have it sullied almost before he'd moved in. So, he tried to say, "look at you, battered and bruised!" but it emerged as "let me bring you a compress for that eye." He tried to say, "scrapping is not the behavior of a gentlehobbit," but instead mildly observed, "fighting like this isn't like you, lad."

When Frodo muttered, eyes downcast, "they said he pulled her in after him," Bilbo gave up the scolding entirely, in favor of a hug.
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