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Oh Brief Midsummer Night

Title: Oh Brief Midsummer Night
Author: SheBit
Source: LotR
Warnings: I have little to declare but shameless plagiarism
Disclaimer: Why rip off one great writer when you can take two in one fell swoop. The main characters are the Professor's, and the plot is partly his and partly the Bard's. And yes, the above Shakespeare quote was entirely intentional - though that's not the play I'm ripping off.
Author's Note: The first of three drabbles shoving some Shakespeare into Middle-earth.

Beneath pale-carved beams he spoke. “My lady, my lord would have you return.”

“Tell your lord that I shall return at a time that best suits me, when I am less displeased of him.”

The Silvan turned but halted at her golden voice.

“Rauging, there is a task I would have you do. Undomiel is too much alone, I fear. Take this vial...” The silver thing seemed aglow with starlight. “Slip silent to the chamber wherein she rests this brief midsummer night, and apply a drop to her sleeping eyes. Then return you to your master.”

“By your will, lady.”


Additional note: In case you couldn't tell the role my OC elf is assuming, his name translates to 'little demon', a rough approximation of Shakespeare's troublesome imp, though his name should strictly be Orch - Puck is from the OE puca, meaning goblin - but I just couldn't call an elf Orch. I'll shut up now.
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