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Sins of the Fathers: Wrath

Title: Sins of the Fathers: Wrath
Author: SheBit
Word Count: 100
Source: Silm/LotR
Author's Note: I've also stuck links here to the rest of the series, in the order written. They don't really have any other order, other than that 'Wrath' comes last. Not only does each drabble concentrate on a different famous father, but each is also from a different race or culture: Gondor, Hobbits, Halfelven, Numenor, Noldor, Sindar and the last one, which I'll leave for you to decide.

Sins of the Fathers: Gluttony

Sins of the Father: Sloth

Sins of the Father: Envy

Sins of the Father: Lust

Sins of the Fathers: Greed

Sins of the fathers: Pride

Sins of the Fathers: Wrath
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