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Mrs Tufty

Seeing Double

title: Seeing Double
author: fawsley
characters: Elrond's cheeky kids; poor unsuspecting Mirkwood elf
rating: G
source: LoTR
disclaimer: Not my elves. My elves are much better behaved.
note: for the 'Two' challenge

Seeing double

Watch Lord Elrond’s children – he had been warned – They play tricks!

The visiting tutor from Mirkwood smiled at his class.

What nonsense! Little Lady Arwen was a gem, and all her brother had done was ask to be excused to visit the backhouse.

Though that had provoked a strange amount of sniggering.

It was only when the corner cupboard door swung slowly open and the smiling boy emerged, announcing ‘That’s better!’, calmly retaking his seat to the applause of his by now guffawing classmates, that the confused and shaken tutor realised he should have taken the warning far more seriously...
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