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Mrs Tufty

All too much....

title: All too much...
author: fawsley
rating: PG
characters: twins, Arwen, Elrond
source: LoTR AU thingy
warning: mean elder brothers
disclaimer: Not my elves. My elves are nice elves.

All too much

‘Sorry Arwen, you’re too small...'

'You’re too young and too little...’

Arwen sniffed, trying not to let her brothers see her tears. They were so big and strong and fine and she wanted very much to play with them.

But there was someone who always had time for her, someone who loved her just as she was. Picking up her rag doll, Arwen went in search of her hero.

‘What’s wrong, applecheeks? Do the boys not want you joining with their games again?’

The little princess snuffled, tears falling freely.

‘I’m always too, too, too….. Ada, I want to be three!
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