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Thus they came beyond hope...

title: Thus they came beyond hope...
author: fawsley
characters: Aragorn
rating: PG
disclaimer: not my characters, they belong to The Professor as do the title and opening words
note: written for the tolkien_weekly 'sunshine' drabble challenge

Thus they came beyond hope...

Dark yawned the archway of the Gates under the mountain-shadow.

Despair blackened his world.

Black as the mines they had run from, black as the Balrog’s burning heart, black as the abyss that had swallowed Gandalf.

The one who had guided them with weir light and wisdom was lost. Could there be any glimmer of hope now their leader was taken?

His heart and his way lay wreathed in shadow.

Yet as he turned to leave, Aragorn felt a flicker of sunlight ease his soul. He sought and acknowledged its source.

The trust in Boromir’s eyes would guide him now.
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