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Fetching Reinforcements

Title: Fetching Reinforcements
Author: rubynye
Rating: G/PG
Work/Source: RotK, Scouring of the Shire
Character: a Man, at Waymoot, the night of November 2
Disclaimer: a brief benign avocational fiction.

Four cock-a-whoops, yeh, ridin' ponies. Why didn't we take 'em on our own? Well, they'd swords and mail, likely pinched on the Road. Who'd have thought the little Shirelings would pick up our tricks? Without a doubt, someone needs teaching a lesson; will you come with us to Bywater and set them down again, or not? No, it ain't our doing for letting rebels go free! We were outmatched, I tell you, but we'll set the rats back in their place if you'd shift your lazy bones. Now, lads, let's march! Down to Bywater, and keep hold of this land!
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