Ann (just_ann_now) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Night Terrors

Title: Night Terrors
Author: Annmarwalk
Characters: Boromir/Theodred implied
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowed.
For the “Storm” challenge.

The dream is always the same.

I stand in a river, in the pouring rain. Not the Anduin; something smaller, fast-moving, shallow and rocky – the Isen. Around me the din of battle: weapons clang, horses scream, men curse or moan as they fall.

In my dream I can neither see nor speak; I stagger, trying desperately to reach the one voice I recognize. He shouts warning, encouragement, his voice rings with exhilaration. Then the screech of rasping steel, a gasp, a guttural, triumphant roar –

The crash of thunder wakes me, heart pounding. Théo sleeps peacefully beside me, hair tousled, smiling.
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