Silli Marilli (aka Anoriath) (sillimarilli) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Silli Marilli (aka Anoriath)

Earthly Concerns

Title: Earthly Concerns
Author: Sillimarilli aka:Anoriath
Characters: Boromir/Theodred implied
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: All Tolkien's cookies, I just sweep up the crumbs
For the “Storm” challenge.

*blink* I think I got nuzguled: Annmarwalk's Night Terrors

'Tis not as they say, the broad pastures of my fathers are like the sea. The grass does not roar and storm upon the earth. Nor is it so dark and chill. A cold welcome does Mandos give. Only a fool would linger.

And then steps upon the sand and a warm weight settles beside me.

Of course it is he.

"I never could stay away for long."

A burst of bitter laughter from me. It breaks upon the silence.

"Wish you to wait?"

I dare not look upon him, else I would weep.

"Aye, well, then. We shall wait."

Edited: *fuss*tweak*move*tweak* "Enough!" *slaps wrist* STOP IT!
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