Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Deadly Sins challenge - Wrath - His Scarlet Cloak of Wrath : Kortirion

Title: His Scarlet Cloak of Wrath
Author: Kortirion
Word Count: 100
Source: The Silmarillion-ish
Adult: None
Disclaimer: Tolkien did it first and all are his – apart from the bits I added, and even they are his.
Notes: I posted 'To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…' for the 'Sloth' challenge here. This is the sequel.

Mother pulled his scarlet cloak off. I howled, she dragged me away, wrapping me tightly.

“He no longer needs it, you do! Remember this day – remember those who caused this. Let wrath keep you warm!”

Exhausted by grief I dozed feverishly wrapped in red wool; I heard Father complain,

“…that was not well done…”

She hissed, "Anger will heat his blood where sorrow cannot. Gentleness has no place here."

Her goading kept my fea hot; kept me from fading, though my heart had frozen with my first love.

From then, I vowed to wear scarlet cloaks until Mandos claimed me.
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