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Change of heart - challenge ...ish!

Title: The Force be do dilly-dumble-doo with you!
Author: Kortirion
Rating: Silly
Character: Tom Bombadil meets Yoda – I kid you not!
Source: AU/Crossover
Disclaimer: I would hope the Professor laughs, but it’s more likely to get a ‘huuuugh...WTF??’
Notes: I commented to fawsley ‘…just imagine a Tom and Yoda conversation’ – she said ‘You must write that!’ – her wish is my command! ^_~

"Hey-ho my little one, hey-ho my laddie.
Why is it that you are here where Bombadil is Daddie?"

"Mmmm… speak strange do you, yes. Mission mine hunt for Jedi is. Feel the Force strongly here do I. A Chosen One here is."

"Do-Diddle rum-tum, silly are you sounding.
You must leave Tom’s Old Wood
Or he’ll give you a pounding!"

"Ah... fight wish you me with?"

"Willow-fight, stone-bite, you be off young fellow
I don’t need your funny light, for I can sing and bellow!"

"Respect Master Tom. The Force with you be. Erm... knowing which way Tatooine is you do?"
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