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Title: Unfriends
Author: Vana Tuivana
Characters/Pairing: Caranthir/Angrod
Rating: PG-13 for oblique references to sex
Warnings: slash, cousincest
Book/Source: Silm
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Tolkien, and nothing to me.
Notes: For the "change of heart" challenge, and partly inspired by the beautiful Elves Do Skate by caporal.

But Caranthir, who loved not the sons of Finarfin, and was the harshest of the brothers and the most quick to anger, cried aloud: 'Yea more! Let not the sons of Finarfin run hither and thither with their tales to this Dark Elf in his caves! Who made them our spokesmen to deal with him? And though they be come indeed to Beleriand, let them not so swiftly forget that their father is a lord of the Noldor, though their mother be of other kin.'


Angaráto remembers happy days in Valinor, in their youth. Days of stepping tentatively onto the ice, clinging together for warmth and comfort, their confidence growing, laughing until they ached and falling breathlessentangled into snowdrifts and love.

But now in Beleriand this distancing, these spiteful hateful words falling like venom from the lips which were once so sweet to him. And worse, the look in his dark eyes: emotionless, burntdead. For Karnistir, those happy days no longer exist.

Betrayal lies thick on his tongue. "Why?"

"You know why." Karnistir's words are hollow, hopeless.

The oath, the ships, Ambarussa: he does know.
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